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9- 11 – 2020

My initial plan was to make a work that is based solely on intuition and doing. I choose to use drawing as medium since it comes very natural to me and tried to draw only “things” I wanted to draw in that exact moment.

My hopes were set on ending with a big drawing that reflected my
subconsciousness in a way.

But then I realised that the viewer was going to view the drawings very differently and with connections, since they are very figurative.

So I abondeded the works, to try something else.

During the process of drawing I had to take them with me whilst traveling and found out I liked the idea of bringing the works to the public.

The next plan was to draw or paint something over and over again; the same object. I tried to do this because repeating can be very mindless once you have done a few already, above all the viewer would only see the same object in different “moods” which could create a strong connection with feelings and not as much with the concept.

I choose the classic plastic garden chair as my object, since I believe that everybody around the world knows this object and has at least once in their life time used this object.

While I was doing this I got to get to know the object better and better, I discovered that for example ; the chair has the shape of a very luxurious wooden chair but is in fact made out of plastic and concidered ugly by a lot of people. The chair also is very uncomfortable and just practical because it is cheap. I think this is really funny , because you could say that this specific plastic chair is the outsider of the chairs, the black sheep.

I started to fall in love with the chair.

But I did realise that making a lot of the same “chairs” can be very easily connected to mass production. I exepted that idea and thought that the contrast between hand painted unique mass produced paintings and the mass produced exact same platic chair was actually kind of beautiful.

I took a small pause from the chairs ( I was trying to make 40 of them ) and revisited an old work of mine I made in 2017. This was just an attempt to make street art, something I wanted to try for a long time. It is a finished work called “very protestant” which is a joke, because the protestant church doesn’t believe in picturing saints and god.

This experiment made me very excited about taking my works more public, because the comments where very positive and I liked the idea that it was open for everybody to enjoy.

So I was certain that I wanted to take the chairs outside as well, just so it was open for the public.

I came up with a plan to use big plastic boards , put them in a park and shove the paintings inside them, so the plastic could accentuate the plastic of the chair.

I tried to do this, but the boards where closed of and couldn’t be opened, the [aintings looked very ugly on top of the plastic boards.

Above all, I thought the plastic was actually really beautiful with light lit on top of it, so I wanted to do something with video for my next project.

In the end I decided to flyer them in a tunnel, I have no idea why I chose this location.

Maybe because it is very fitting for street art.

I did this last night, but took them off immediately after the pictures because I was very unsatishfied.

I love the symbol of the plastic chair, I love the plastic boards, so my idea at this moment is to make 3 videos , one for each plastic board. I am going to make 3 interpretations of the plastic chair; one is text, one is a digitial video and the last one is probably going to be drawing, or … maybe a performance.

But in no way do I want to use an actual plastic chair, since I love the idea of the chair more than the chair itself.

Soon to be updated…

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